Honey and Its Upcoming Trends, Uses and Additional Benefits

Honey for most populace is just another sugary substance that can be used to top-up their shakes, juices or deserts, but upcoming market trends reveal additional benefits of honey that can surprise you.

We already know that honey has a bunch of varieties depending on the nectar out of which it is generated but honey hasn’t been optimally used to benefit the populace.

Keep reading to know and get benefitted…

According to Technavio, a food and beverage research analyst, honey will see 3 market trends by 2021. Those trends would be

  • Increasing demand for monofloral honey
  • Use of honey as an anti-cancer agent
  • Increasing demand for natural sweeteners

Note- This image has been produced from a survey done by Technavio

Honey by all means is going to be the sweetest trend in the near future and not just due to its distinct taste but also due to the health benefits it offers.

Let’s look at a few health benefits of honey:

Manuka honey can be your natural skin care too

Honey generated from the nectar of Manuka tree can be useful as a natural remedy for many ailments. The common benefits of Manuka tree such as resolving digestion problems and addressing cough & cold are very well known to people but, its skin-healing properties are something not many are aware of.

Honey beer is soon going to trend!

According to National Honey Board, beer industries will soon collaborate with honey industry to come up with an innovative and interesting beverage called honey beer. Honey is believed to be the perfect ingredient to brew beers as it has the ability to serve consumers with a variety of flavors. Already, in United States of America, there are a 300 varieties of honey with unique flavors such as alfalfa, wildflower, buckwheat and tupelo.

Overall, honey can be your care taker
Beyond its great taste, honey can also help with additional health benefits with natural carbohydrates it possesses. The natural sugars present in honey play an important role in preventing fatigue during rigorous physical work.

Below are the 2 other benefits of honey which are not known to many…

Honey is anti-cancer, yet, not cure-all!

One of the leading causes for death of many is due to cancer and researchers, doctors, scientists and others are finding ways to combat it. However, natural honey possesses properties that can prevent humans from carcinogens and anti-tumor properties that enable cancer growth in the human body.

Though honey can be used as an anti-tumor natural substance that prevents cancer, it is not yet the cancer curing substance that completely heal people.

Honey can reduce the risk of heart diseases

Honey with the combination of cinnamon has the ability to revitalize the arteries and veins of the heart and eventually reduces bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This honey-cinnamon combination may reduce the risk of heart attacks and stop another from occurring in people who have already suffered one.

Cupcakes and Their Unique Benefits

Most surveys say that consuming sweet dishes after a certain age is not good for health and yes, it is quite true that we should any sweet product made without any health benefits. However, sweet is an umbrella term which comprises of a variety of unique eatables and cupcakes are one among them.

However, today a lot of food manufactures are making different types of cupcakes which contain various nutrients with numerous health benefits.

Below are few of those benefits with cupcakes:

Cupcakes Improve Digestion– With the advent of mixing dry fruits and fruits like berries, pineapples and apple in cupcakes, it allows this food item to generate fibre once consumed. With this kind of a diverse blend, there is a lot of possibility for human body to better their digestive system, a prominent health concern across the globe.

Thus, consuming cupcakes that contain all natural ingredients can help in increasing the fibre levels in humans and minimize the risk of diseases which occur due to lack of proper digestion.

Cupcakes Generate Instant Energy- We must have heard people say that eating chocolates generates instant energy when human body tends to face fatigue for various reasons like lack of timely food, dehydration and rigorous work. Even cupcakes can be the major source of generating carbohydrates in human body with the mix of natural ingredients like dry fruits and balanced sugar levels.

Cupcakes can provide plenty of energy for the entire body including muscles, brain and nervous system with the amount of good fat present in them.

Eating Cupcakes Can Make You Happy!- According to The Nest, human brain produces chemicals such as serotonin when the body is fed with high percentage of natural carbohydrates which can eventually contribute to the overall emotional well being of the consumer.

In cupcakes, carbohydrates are present in abundance and with the above scientific theory it can alter the mind and body of humans in a positive manner. So keep eating cupcakes to do good to yourself and your body.

Nevertheless, to maintain a balanced and a healthy life, one needs to monitor their food intake and not consume too much of anything. Similarly, with cupcakes, it’s the same notion that applies; always remember to eat limited quantity of sweet, perhaps cupcakes, to have a balanced health.

5 Unique Cuisines Made Out of Bread

Bread happens to be everybody’s piece of food irrespective of financial backgrounds, however, it seems that bread has become a clichéd food intake due to the lack of variety in ways one could consume it. So let’s look at a few unique cuisines to make out of bread.

Most of us must have eaten bread as sandwiches, toast, meat-loafs, etc. All of these dishes don’t really have huge difference except two basic distinctions such as whether it is sweet or spicy. But there are many dishes with regard to bread that taste way too differently than one could have ever imagined.

This blog post will present the varieties of cuisines which can be produced using bread that will eventually force consumers to drool!

Bread and Butter Pudding– Let’s start with a classic dish that is made along with pudding which rests on the sweeter side in the food section. With too many visitors at home, one can go with this cuisine to perfectly serve them on time and also to feed them voraciously.

Veggie Bread Bake– A handful of vegetables, couple of tomatoes and eggs with baked bread can make a happy meal for the entire family on weekends or special occasions. All it takes to prepare this cuisine is a bit of patience and guidance.

Crunchy Croutons– Bread is most commonly consumed when it is soft and gentle as it melts in the mouth but this dish will allow us to taste bread with a crispy touch. A sprig of parsley and a drizzle of olive oil with a leaf of breads will turn bread in to a golden treat.

Crusty bread salad– A native of Italy, this cuisine is also famous in northern parts of India and is also available in a couple of restaurants. Bread in the form of salads with a couple of other veggies is a good blend that can be your evening brunch or maybe your dish with beverages.

Breadcrumb topping– This cuisine adds texture and depth to a recipe that is made out of baked fish and macaroni cheese with a leaf of bread as topping. The lemony and rosemary flavor can be your crunch while you spend your time on weekends or holidays.

Bread can be preserved for a longer time provided it is not blended with any other additional ingredient as that will force the bread to spoil. However, with varied room temperature this phenomenon might change and that is why to safely store bread, make sure to wrap it in plastic or aluminum foil which will help it combat moisture.

Reasons Why Pure Honey is Important for Humans

Natural HoneyConsumption of honey remains one of humans’ earliest and most beneficial practices in the history of civilization, and maybe even before that. Until a hundred years ago, it was only raw or pure honey which was available in the market. Rapid urbanization led to mass production of honey which indirectly led to adulteration for higher profits.

In today’s context, managing health remains an evolving challenge for majority of the populace as the rise of lifestyle diseases due to lack of nutrition is becoming common. With excessive production of food products on the rise, choices become more complex when we are faced with the situation of picking up one instead of another. However, there is always scope for intake of natural substances rather than artificially or chemically made ones which help us combat common ailments and lifestyle diseases.

One such substance that can take the place of medicine, and have a good taste and quality is honey.

So read on to know the reasons why consumption of pure honey is important for humans.
Many people realize the importance of honey but fail to consume it regularly for several reasons. The benefits that can be availed by consuming honey are by far unnoticed by majority of the people due to the large scale advertising and promotion of junk food consumption.

Importance of Honey

Pure HoneyAccording to a study, in the early civilizations, not just humans but other species also consumed honey and bee larvae more, supplementing meat and plant foods which resulted in nutritionally out-competing other species which did not consume honey.

From ages, honey has been used as an importance source for carbohydrates and natural sweetener. This miraculous substance also has the ability to naturally heal with its secret ingredients that can be worked as home remedies for minor ailments.

Honey can be consumed with spices, herbs, water, etc. and still can be effective for all age groups and medical issues.

1. Honey Can Be Your Doctor
Honey deniably possesses the true sense of sweetness from a taste point of view but it also contains a multitude of other benefits that can help people lead a sweet life both literally and figuratively.

Here are some ailments that be addressed through honey:
A lot of people know honey as a sweetener substance alone but the most important role of honey is that it can combat common ailments and lifestyle diseases such as:

  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Gastric Problems
  • Common Infections
  • Weight loss
  • Asthma
  • Healthy Skin

Honey should be a part of your daily routine to annihilate health issues as there are rarely any health problems that honey can’t treat. The benefits of honey are endless and it is a safe source for natural energy rather than the artificially flavored energy beverages.

2. There’s Variety in Honey
For many people, honey is the over processed sweetest substance that sits on the grocery store shelves in a cute little bear squeeze bottle or a glass jar, just to enlighten them; there are various form of honey. Form meaning not the appearance or the quality is different but the role of the texture might differ from each other yet the properties remain the same.

Considering this, some people enjoy different types of honey in different forms – each of which has its own set of unique positives.

Let’s have a look at them

Pure HoneyTechnically, the number of different types of honey differs from region to region based on the availability and consumers but the following types are most commonly available in stores.

Clover Honey – Produced in Canada and New Zealand, Clover honey is widely available in authentic honey stores across many parts of the world. This honey is lighter in color varying from white to light amber tones representing cloves’ color.

Mostly used for baking and kitchen purposes, clover honey tastes mild with a touch of floral sweetness. The flavor of this honey will overwhelm your taste buds and leaves a little of aftertaste which is on the sour side.

Sage Honey – Natively cultivated throughout America, Sage honey can be easily recognized due to its woody stems and very strong roots system. This honey is increasingly popular for its antifungal and antibacterial properties that can boost immune system by improving the human digestive health.

Avocado Honey – Avocados are only known as a vegetable for the masses but avocados can also be turned into honey. However, this honey is often described as a unique variety on the planet. It is extremely difficult to produce this honey on a consistent basis due to the small amount of nectar avocado plant contains.

This honey is extremely dark amber in color and its incredible flavor is described to be robust and creamy.

Some other varieties include:

  • Manuka Honey
  • Sourwood Honey
  • Buckwheat Honey
  • Rosemary Honey
  • Dandelion Honey
  • Acacia Honey
  • Sunflower Honey

Exploring the world of honey is an eye-opening experience and honey connoisseurs might have great time while tasting these plenty of varieties, now it is your time to widen your horizons and taste the honey which you never tasted or even thought that it existed on this planet.

But make sure you taste pure honey and not ones processed with artificial sugars and syrups. Raw honey is pure which has a lumpy structure but uniform in taste and flavor.

Veda’s Foods Launches ‘Functional’ Bread and Cupcakes

After the immense success of Veda’s functional water, the group has now launched ‘functional’ bread and cupcakes. Claiming to be high in nutrition and taste, these food products from Veda’s Foods are set to disrupt the existing market under the FMCG category.

Explaining about the ‘functional’ factor in the products the CEO of Veda’s Mr. Venkat Veeramachineni said, “We do not use any preservatives or additives while making our food products, resulting in tastier, softer bread and cupcakes with high nutritional value making them functional food.”

Veda’s Foods will soon be launching a platform on its website for people to order food products online.