5 Unique Cuisines Made Out of Bread

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Blog

Bread happens to be everybody’s piece of food irrespective of financial backgrounds, however, it seems that bread has become a clichéd food intake due to the lack of variety in ways one could consume it. So let’s look at a few unique cuisines to make out of bread.

Most of us must have eaten bread as sandwiches, toast, meat-loafs, etc. All of these dishes don’t really have huge difference except two basic distinctions such as whether it is sweet or spicy. But there are many dishes with regard to bread that taste way too differently than one could have ever imagined.

This blog post will present the varieties of cuisines which can be produced using bread that will eventually force consumers to drool!

Bread and Butter Pudding– Let’s start with a classic dish that is made along with pudding which rests on the sweeter side in the food section. With too many visitors at home, one can go with this cuisine to perfectly serve them on time and also to feed them voraciously.

Veggie Bread Bake– A handful of vegetables, couple of tomatoes and eggs with baked bread can make a happy meal for the entire family on weekends or special occasions. All it takes to prepare this cuisine is a bit of patience and guidance.

Crunchy Croutons– Bread is most commonly consumed when it is soft and gentle as it melts in the mouth but this dish will allow us to taste bread with a crispy touch. A sprig of parsley and a drizzle of olive oil with a leaf of breads will turn bread in to a golden treat.

Crusty bread salad– A native of Italy, this cuisine is also famous in northern parts of India and is also available in a couple of restaurants. Bread in the form of salads with a couple of other veggies is a good blend that can be your evening brunch or maybe your dish with beverages.

Breadcrumb topping– This cuisine adds texture and depth to a recipe that is made out of baked fish and macaroni cheese with a leaf of bread as topping. The lemony and rosemary flavor can be your crunch while you spend your time on weekends or holidays.

Bread can be preserved for a longer time provided it is not blended with any other additional ingredient as that will force the bread to spoil. However, with varied room temperature this phenomenon might change and that is why to safely store bread, make sure to wrap it in plastic or aluminum foil which will help it combat moisture.