Honey and Its Upcoming Trends, Uses and Additional Benefits

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Blog

Honey for most populace is just another sugary substance that can be used to top-up their shakes, juices or deserts, but upcoming market trends reveal additional benefits of honey that can surprise you.

We already know that honey has a bunch of varieties depending on the nectar out of which it is generated but honey hasn’t been optimally used to benefit the populace.

Keep reading to know and get benefitted…

According to Technavio, a food and beverage research analyst, honey will see 3 market trends by 2021. Those trends would be

  • Increasing demand for monofloral honey
  • Use of honey as an anti-cancer agent
  • Increasing demand for natural sweeteners

Note- This image has been produced from a survey done by Technavio

Honey by all means is going to be the sweetest trend in the near future and not just due to its distinct taste but also due to the health benefits it offers.

Let’s look at a few health benefits of honey:

Manuka honey can be your natural skin care too

Honey generated from the nectar of Manuka tree can be useful as a natural remedy for many ailments. The common benefits of Manuka tree such as resolving digestion problems and addressing cough & cold are very well known to people but, its skin-healing properties are something not many are aware of.

Honey beer is soon going to trend!

According to National Honey Board, beer industries will soon collaborate with honey industry to come up with an innovative and interesting beverage called honey beer. Honey is believed to be the perfect ingredient to brew beers as it has the ability to serve consumers with a variety of flavors. Already, in United States of America, there are a 300 varieties of honey with unique flavors such as alfalfa, wildflower, buckwheat and tupelo.

Overall, honey can be your care taker
Beyond its great taste, honey can also help with additional health benefits with natural carbohydrates it possesses. The natural sugars present in honey play an important role in preventing fatigue during rigorous physical work.

Below are the 2 other benefits of honey which are not known to many…

Honey is anti-cancer, yet, not cure-all!

One of the leading causes for death of many is due to cancer and researchers, doctors, scientists and others are finding ways to combat it. However, natural honey possesses properties that can prevent humans from carcinogens and anti-tumor properties that enable cancer growth in the human body.

Though honey can be used as an anti-tumor natural substance that prevents cancer, it is not yet the cancer curing substance that completely heal people.

Honey can reduce the risk of heart diseases

Honey with the combination of cinnamon has the ability to revitalize the arteries and veins of the heart and eventually reduces bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This honey-cinnamon combination may reduce the risk of heart attacks and stop another from occurring in people who have already suffered one.