An easy to comprehend list of frequently asked questions about Veda’s food products

How are Veda’s Foods better than other brands?

At Veda’s Foods all our products are made without using any preservatives, additives, chemicals, etc unlike other brands.

Our food products are tastier with a uniform texture and consistency.

Where can I buy Veda’s Foods?

Veda’s Foods are available across retail stores in south Indian cities. We will be launching them across the nation.

Do you use any special ingredients for making products?

We do not use any special ingredients in our products which could damage to your health. Our ingredients are natural and improve your health.

Are cupcakes healthy?

Cupcakes are healthy in moderation as they are a good source of carbohydrates and vitamins.

Are Veda’s Foods organic?

As we do not use any preservatives or artificial colors, we are beyond organic!

Do you use any chemicals on the food for long storage?


Do you use artificial flavors and colors in your products?


Can I order Veda’s Foods online?

We will be launching online orders and delivery platform shortly.

How can I become a distributor for Veda’s Foods?

Call us on the listed numbers and we will put you through to the right department.